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What’s in your Geocache creation kit? – OBGCP29

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Join us this week to take a peek in to Geocache creation kits…

Last Week…

We took a week off solving puzzle caches, here is this weeks:

Final Destination, A cache by Kelex GC54F7G

BananaSource had a brain wave.  Roving reports from our younger listeners. Its simple, whist out and about (or when they get home) record some audio of your adventure and send it to feedback@ohbeep.com

On your audio include your geocaching name, some other things you may want to include in your audio:

  • The cache name and GC code
  • What was great about this cache?
  • Did you like the cache?
  • Did something special happen on the way to/from the cache?

If you’re shy, no worries.  Just write your adventure down and we can read it out for you – or even get our special robot voice to read it for you.


Dave DeBaeremaeker

Couple points I thought about as I was listening:

I wrote this doc to help out first time Mega event attendees:
http://debaere.blogspot.com/2014/03/mega-events-survival-guide.html which may help some of your listeners with their first Mega.

Secondly you talked about the “bomb” scare at an Ohio rest stop.  Just as an FYI, in the US, most “rest stops” are simply places to pull off the road – they generally don’t have petrol stations or restaurants, just a parking lot, some green space to walk the dog or have a picnic lunch, and a restroom.  Occasionally they have an emergency phone, and a coke machine.  Which really makes the idea of someone placing a bomb at a rest area increasingly silly.

The areas you were talking about would be referred to as service stations, or truck stops, which generally have petrol and diesel stations, and one or more restaurants.

I really enjoyed the description of the lab caches.  Sounds like they really stepped up their game from the ones I did last year.  Makes me excited about checking out the lab caches at the Megas I am going to be attending this year.

Anyhoo, good show.  Keep em up!

Ask Doctor D…

Darel Beghtel What apps, programs or websites do listeners use to locate the .1 mi. radii around caches in an area that has a lot of cache hides in it, to be able to locate areas that a cache can still be hidden?

Easiest method:

Use the Seek a Geocache , specifically the “Latitude Longitude Search”.  Put your proposed geocache coordinates in the latitude and longitude boxes. This will produce a list of nearby caches with distances from your coordinates,  including the distance to any Premium Member Only geocaches. This allows Basic Members to avoid being too close to those PMO geocaches when placing theirs.


Whilst out on the trail, bring up the official app and do a live search for nearby Geocaches – you probably need to be a premium member to ensure you’re getting a list of ALL the caches in an area.

News & Events…

WWFM XI – Dorchester, Dorset, England.  An event cache by Poole_Man. GC54MB0

Its my first event and I am a little excited about the fact that I have found a totally new venue for a WWFM event.

Its at the statue of a Dray horse called Drummer who was the last ever Dray Horse to have worked at the Eldridge Pope Brewery that used to be at the location until it closed in 2002.

The statue is placed at the location of the Dray Yard at which Drummer spent his working life and shows him walking out of the Dray Yard into retirement.

The statue was only put in place in April 2014.


It seems this flash mob can also be part of a fun filled day out.  Dorset County Council are holding a FREE (non geocaching related) Open Air Cinema event.

Showing ‘Finding Nemo’ at 6pm, then ‘Warhorse’ at 8pm An event for all the family, preceded by music from local young bands starting at 4pm. DYE also plan to have a bouncy castle, inflatable bungee run and other entertainment. Food and refreshments on offer with Pizza and a bar!

EmmaW’s Party with CAKE
by emmaw | GC4YFEE | Southern England, United Kingdom

Picnic in the Park
by Sir & Lady Harveyjj | GC54APY | North Wales, United Kingdom

by linedancers | GC51YGC | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Rest and Relax after the CITO 
by Linedancers | GC53QE0 | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Beer Here – The Real Thing.
by Pink Paisley | GC549XQ | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Other News…

UK Mega Essex 2015 venue has been announced:

The Official 8th Annual UK Mega Events will be held at the magnificent Barleylands Farm in Billericay on 1st August 2015. With a lively craft village featuring 60 craft shops, a cafe, deli, restaurant, farm park and acres of land suitable for caches, Barleylands Farm is fun for all the family (even the reluctant cacher!)

For more information go to www.mega2015.org.uk/venue

Hikerjamz posted this:  Looking for a co-host to work with me on my talk show. If interested, contact me at radiotalkshow2013@gmail.com

Video of the Week…

The Geocaching Vlogger – Interactive Geocaching Game

The Geocaching Doc – Take Your Parents Geocaching

Main Topics…

Would you carry on geocaching if Groundspeak closed its doors?  Would the the rest of the Geocaching listing sites be ready to step up and take advantage?

Whats in your cache creation kit?

Containers – of various types

Log books



Cammo tape/bag

Zip lock bags

Puzzle ideas

A list of potential hide locations


FTF trackables

Plenty of ideas – write them down.

Multi tool

Spare props for any creative caches you’ve already put out – just incase they need repair