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Whats Happening In 2016 – OBGCP85

Review of our Geocaching goals for 2015 and new goals for 2016. Doctor D also has a new source of Facts of the Uselessness.

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge.. [4:25]

Hi Mark,

So how many of the 12 Challenges did Oh Beep manage to achieve?
How many of the caching resolutions you made last January did you manage? Can you remember what they were?????
The ones below were ours:
  • To find 3000 caches this year – this was hard work and wouldn’t have been achievable without (and you won’t believe this!!) Moan-a-Lot’s help and the rest of Team Compass
  • To try and clear a 10km radius from house – we have done well but too many people putting new caches out!!!! Plus there are numerous puzzles I am still working my way through
  • To clear at least another 60 days from our date found calendar (currently at 242/366). – completed although we still need 2 days to complete every date. One date in Jan and then the elusive Feb 29th
  • To complete and find at least 10 Challenge caches – we have been completing Challenge caches on and off throughout the year – the ones we have mainly focused on though were the 3000 caches in a year and cache everyday for a full year
  • To complete DT grid. Still need: got it down to 4 from 11 to do: 1-4 / 2.5-4.5 / 4-4 / 5-4 – so this is going on our list for this coming year
  • To cache in at least 10 more English counties (currently 31/46) now on 44/46. Complete as only need Dorset & Isle of Wight now
  • Find some Little Quest Caches (currently 1/48) – to get us into double figures at least – now got 10/48. This is good to say we still only had 1 by the beginning of August
  • To find 20 more caches to help go towards completing the Jasmer Challenge (caches placed – months since geocaching began) – (140/176) :  Now got 161/188
  • To complete caches placed (days).
  • Find any caches in area with favourite points of over 25 – didn’t quite manage this. Out of 145 caches with favourites of 25 or over within a 10km radius from home we still need to find 17 of them (some are puzzles :( and a couple are disabled) BUT we have found 128 of them.
If you are continuing with challenges this year could listeners send in ideas and you and Sam could chose the one to do????
Happy New Year to you all – hope it’s a good one
Denise (and Ady)

Challenge Doctor D.. [17:31]

Doctor D is challenged to find and log 5 Geocaches by the time we record the next episode.

Ey Up Me Duck December Challenge Winner.. [19:20]

From Scott Berks.. [19:20]

Team Box or Daddy Box

Why? Presents come in a box!

Scott note: For the record, Team Box (a real caching team in Chicago) is NOT a lesbian caching couple, We at the Chicago Geocaching Podcast checked, and were sorely disappointed.

Light em up

Light… as in XMAS lights! BOOM!

From Karthryn Trevor.. [26:52]

Hi can I enter the challenge as I have found every one so far except for number Four and FTF on the first day this is so going to wind up moan a lot so worth entering as he has only done  one so far and that was a joint FTF with trevorsilk the OH of me

Kathryn Trevor aka Trevorsilk

Our Goals for 2015.. [30:43]

Find 365 caches

Found 267

Hide more caches, in particular our Doctor Who related cache

We hid two new geocaches



Have fun

We think we achieved this

Attend more events

We attended 2

As a stretch goal, fill in our Geocaching calendar dates

No idea how we did on this one

Things we achieved, but hadn’t planned.. [37:19]

Did the KT Power Trail with Moan-A-Lot

Found our first virtual GCG0G7 Lady Chatterley’s Cache by BountyHunter1

Our Goals for 2016.. [38:56]

Find Europe’s oldest Geocache GC43 Europe’s First by Chris O’Byrne

Attend an event in Dublin GC67PPQ Oh Beep! & StaticJay Come to Bray by sarahmur

Geocache exclusively, for a month each, using the alternative Geocaching listin websites

Do the Hatley Heart Attack series (479 caches)

Continue with filling our Geocaching calendar

Doctor D’s Facts Of The Uselessness.. [43:50]

Jesus wasn’t born when we think he was, according to the Pope.

Gas wasn’t used as a weapon in WW2.

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