pokemon go and geocaching in turkey

Pokemon Go and Oh Beep Invade Turkey – OBGCP93

This Week..

Geocaching in Turkey

Pokemon Go

Last Week..

Geocaching in war torn Turkey

The geocaches

GC5E5DH – T Kara N Kierons Olu Deniz Beach by blokiebloke

GC58WPV – Kieron N Karas Living Statues Fethiye by blokiebloke


Georgia man gets lost while ‘geocaching’ in the Everglades (from http://www.nbc-2.com)

Ask Dr D..

Geocaching or Pokemon Go?

Dumb Stuff Oh Beepers Do..

What country were we in?

Negotiations with market stall owners

Feel the wrath

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness..

scott berks and moan a lot

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Tom Baker joins cast of Star Wars Rebels animated series – http://www.doctorwhonews.net/l

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