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Interview With Head Hard Hat & Wife Amy from Geosnippits Reboot Podcast – OBGCP42

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As well as the interview we also discuss the Michelin Quest, GeoPaul has a special comeptition video and much more.

Last Week..

Doctor D finally logged his #7SofA caches – well BananaSource did it for him.

BananaSource recorded a “pilot” and first two episodes for new podcast, Chasing Smilies.  A Geocaching Podcast for Growed Ups.  With Collin French and GeoPaul.

We’ll be taking our new trackable on our adventures in future.  His name is Bob James The Geocaching Robot Photographer TB6836Y.  He came from NE Geocaching Supplies.

Bob James

His first adventure was a DNF

not happy lego

Only one cache find since the last show:

GC4NVT6 SCR7: Shardlow marina by kerrfamilySBD.


From Karl

Hi Guys,

Been listening to the latest podcast with @(B…..He he he,  brilliant offenciving ! We loved it :)

My comment that you and Sam Oh – Beep refers to the great podcast you produce,  but we will follow your comments and name one of our planned caches in your honour. Details to follow.

From Earl aka redbeard4570

Thanks for using the cache find info I sent you on your podcast! I’m sending you another that’s my favorite FTF. So far! Feel free to use it in any part of your podcast you like.  Here”s the FTF information.

We all have a favorite cache of some kind or another. Here is my favorite FTF. GC4E2FE – Bullet Holes (MAGNUM) by PINGPONGKINGKONG. A 2.5 D and 4.5 T. I found it on 7-23-2013 in Colorado USA. It was placed on 6-10-2013 and as 9-13-2014 has 5 founds and 1 DNF. My FTF log follows.

“Find #18 of my 5 day weekend road warrior, no plans, the next cache is the direction I’m going so no map needed, caching road trip July 2013! Drum roll please! Not only did I get the FTF on this awesome hide, but now, as of posting, I discovered it had the honor of being a milestone also. My 500th find!!!! SWEET!!! COOL!!! AWESOME!!! Knew 500 was close, but was having so much fun on my vacation I wasn’t keeping track. What better way for a milestone than an FTF. Add the location and rating and it just doesn’t get much better! Was scouting out possible caches while eating breakfast in Salida. I can’t explain my surprise, and the shock of those near by, when I discovered a cache that hadn’t been FTF yet! No way! It was around 30+ days old. No way! Breakfast was cut short, GPS programmed and the GeoJeep was heading for the cache! Soon as I turned off, another surprise. I had long wanted to explore this turn off and now I was going to get the chance. The area its self is worth visiting even without a cache. WOW! Got parked, started recon on ways up. Took several try, lots of huffing and puffing, photo breaks, “why am I doing this breaks”, and then SUCCESS!!! My most challenging FTF so far. Well worth the effort and time. Plan on bringing some caching friends here ASAP! Thanks for bringing me, and future others, to this wonderful location. T4T$ SL :)”

Nemesis Geocache..

BananaSource has a new nemesis, which we’ll talk about next week.  But for this week, yes we’re liberally “borrowing” from the UK Geocaching Podcast.  Collin has a nemesis. GCA87C Jacob’s MOVING Cache #1 by JacobBarlow.  If you’ve found it, let us know, its always nice to wind Collin up.

Ask Doctor D..

Dave (debaere)

If one is going for a geocache in Sherwood Forest, and one is a geek, one is all but required to dress like Robin Hood.  The question is, which Robin?  Erol Flyn, Cary Elwes, or Kevin Costners version?


Travelbug Race..

Log for Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? still in Wales.

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m hasn’t moved – it won’t take much for it to reach its destination though.

GeoPauls Video of the Week..

Geocaching subscriber contest!!

News & Events..

UK podcaster Pete of The Amasons and the “the Podcast Show” was on last weeks GeoGearHeads 141: Our Essential Tools I

Podcacher co-host Sonny has launched a new website, for people who want to learn more about taking photos with their smartphones and point and click cameras  www.pocketlenses.com

Goodbye planking, hello phooning: Manchester joins global craze with very own Piccadilly Phoon GC3JXPC The Piccadilly Phoon by Team SLuG. News article HERE

Michelin Quest “A long, long time ago, the Michelin brothers envisioned equipping the world with a better means of traveling and exploring. Their quest was to give people a better way forward. Now, 125 years later, we’re offering a new quest for adventure with our anniversary Geocaching contest.”  (Contest open to US residents only)


Due to the length of this weeks interview, we won’t be covering events.

Heather, Cache on Wheels, had e mailed with an event she’s holding this weekend.  We were meant to include it in last weeks show, but obviously we didn’t record.  Sorry about that Heather, we hope your event went well and let us know all about it.

Before we get in to the interview.  Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and content for the show.  We’re putting together a show on apps used for Geocaching, we’d love to hear what you use and why – or even what you’ve tried and no longer use and why.

Interview With HHH and Wife Amy..


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