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Geocaching Got Me Through – OBGCP30

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Join us this week for episode 30, Geocaching Got Me Through

This week we’re discussing how Geocaching helped BananaSource when he hit low spot in his life.

Last Week…


GC4YRNB – Final Approach by Shazzo

GC4VEH6 – Church Micro 4973…Long Whatton Methodist by DaffyD1uk


GC4WTF2 – Church Micro 4974…Long Whatton – All Saints by DaffyD1uk

GC4J7R5 – Pooh Sticks by HodsonHunters

GC4B9K5 – Creeper by Shazzo


Rest Stop


I’ve really enjoyed listening to your show… it makes me smile each time!

As an American, I actually burst out laughing at your rant in last weeks show… very funny!

I’ve also enjoyed hearing your misconceptions about our Rest Areas… I think they are a bit more than what you described as a Layby… I’ve attached a picture of one from here in California… they are more or less the same throughout the country…. with the exception of New Hampshire where the rest areas also have the state liquor stores… I wonder who thought that one up?

Thanks for the show!
Mike Wanzong (gc name: wanzong)
We upset the Americans, audio from The Geocaching Podcast
Audio feedback from Poole Man, regarding GC54MB0

Ask Doctor D…

The Monkey King – Are only a few words when logging a cache acceptable? For example, I read many log that are simply “Another find for me” or “easy find”.  Given the cache owner has put a bit of work in to hiding a cache, should finders write more than a few words in the log?

News & Events…

WWFM XI Peterborough – You can leave your GPS on
by Beach_hut | GC4WV87 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI Nottinghamshire ~ Everything Stops For Tea
by Jacaru | GC51P28 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

UK WWFM XI – WITNEY – World Wide Flash Mob
by Stucuk and TT | GC51YB2 | Southern England, United Kingdom

by gladstone8 | GC51Z4Q | East Midlands, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – Market Harborough… Do the Conga!
by Splendidz | GC525CA | East Midlands, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – Pitville Park, it’ll drive you Quackers
by Razorfishy | GC53E7H | Southern England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – A musical event
by jennthefunkyranger | GC549HB | West Midlands, United Kingdom

WWFM XI ‘Flashing Above The Motorway’
by Pink icing | GC549QH | Northwest England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – Wallingford Flashmob
by Geo-Myck | GC549T7 | Southern England, United Kingdom

‘2 Pints After Flashing In Frodsham’
by Pink icing | GC549W0 | Northwest England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI Hooray for Hollywood
by The Amasons | GC54CHN | East Midlands, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – Return of the Phoons
by The Magna Defender | GC54D6H | Northwest England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI: Christmas Comes But Once A Year!!
by angellica | GC54VNP | East Midlands, United Kingdom

UK WWFM XI Lee Valley (07/06/14)
by abiherts | GC54ZNF | Eastern England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI Baldock twinned with Harrogate 
by pp Pink Paisley | GC553QV | Eastern England, United Kingdom

WWFM XI. Harrogate twinned with Baldock.
by pp Oracle:) | GC553R5 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

UK WWFM XI – York – Flash Minster
by g.o.caching | GC559XR | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

WWFM XI – Aylesbury Ducks III 
by Team Hippo | GC55BPM | Southern England, United Kingdom

The Slepnir hill Spring Clean up!!
by paudz666 | GC51D3A | West Midlands, United Kingdom

KT37 – The Emperor’s Banquet
by The Magna Defender | GC54D57 | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Other News…

Geocache causes bomb scare in Niagara Falls – Story from The Hamilton Spectator

Discover the worlds first implanted Travel Bug – article from Its Not About The Numbers Blog

Video of the Week…

GeoPaul – Don’t Tell ‘Em Your Name Pike (GC49EMP)

Geocaching Got Me Through…

Original blog post

The series I picked, The Woodwalton Waggle, is no longer active.  But it has been replaced by The Woodwalton WhichWay series, which takes in a number of the location in the original series – GC52KAF

GCTGYY – Friends of the Friendless – St Andrew