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Conversation with StaticJay

Geocache in Croatia Jamie mentioned:

GC322MF – Zadar Sea Organ

Jamie is falling our with Ingress, we also have a discussion about its future.

Sarah Murphy has arranged an event for our visit to Ireland in January GC67PPQ Oh Beep! & StaticJay Come to Bray

Who will we eat first in Ireland in a survival situation?

Pinhole cameras

GoPro cameras

Osmo cameras – my mistake, during the recording I called it an Osme camera

Geocaching.com intro app – they’ve taken a previously buried feature from the paid app and put it front screen on their intro app. This is the ability to drop in to your devices navigation app and have turn by turn guidance to the cache ground zero.

UK Geocaching Podcast – episode mentioned Pod 49.5 – The Rock Chalk Chat!

Discussion about new geocachers and people blaming them for everything.

James first cache GC11XQQ – Lurgan Park No.1 – Squirrels Hideout

Beer mentioned in the podcast Old Golden Hen

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