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Conversation With CacheZilla – OBGCP84

CacheZilla returns for our Christmas special. She helps BananaSource with accents and answers WashKnights 20 Geocaching Questions – check out his blog at

Below are the questions:

1) When and how did you get into Geocaching?

2) Do you remember your first find?

GC17AGB CW #2 Calverton/Woodborough circular by ken.brown66

3) What device(s) do you use for locating caches?

4)  Where do you live and what is your local area like for geocaching? (Density/quality/setting etc)

5)   What has been your most memorable geocache to date, and why?

6) List 3 essential things you take on a geocaching adventure excluding GPS, pen and swaps

7) Other than geocaches and their contents, what is the weirdest thing you have discovered whilst out caching?

8) On a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 is I am obsessed by numbers and 10 is I am all about the experience and the quality of each individual cache.  Where do you put yourself?

9) Describe one incident that best demonstrates the level of your geocaching obsession

10) Have you picked up any caching injuries along the way?

11) What annoys you most about other geocachers?

12) What is the dumbest thing you have done whilst out caching?

13) What do your non-caching family and friends think of your hobby?

14) What is your default excuse you give to Muggles who ask what you are up to or if you need help

15) What is your current Geocaching goal, if you have one?

16) Do you have a nemesis cache that despite multiple attempts you have been unable to find?

17) What 3 words or phrases best sum up what Geocaching means to you

18) What prompted you to start podcasting about Geocaching?

19)  Which of your own podcast episodes are you most proud of?

20) Which other Geocaching podcasts do you enjoy reading?

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