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500 Geocache Finds & More Dodgy Accents (plus a rant) – OBGCP34

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Last Week..

Getting to 500 turned out to be harder than it sounded.

Mooonie 2 – The Lambrettas A cache by Mooonwitch – GC5372R

Mooonie 3 – Culture Club A cache by Mooonwitch – GC53731


Mooonie 4 – Paul McCartney and his Chorus A cache by Mooonwitch – GC5373M

Mooonie 5 – Red Hot Chili Peppers A cache by Mooonwitch – GC53743

Dumb Stuff Geocachers do..

Case of oops I forgot I put that there.


From Shortyknits…

Hey Team D!

The only reason I look forward to Mondays is that there’s usually a new Oh Beep to listen to on my commute to work. When I heard this week’s introduction, I literally said out loud, “What the hell was that?!?” and played it back a couple times, laughing, before I got to Mark explaining that it was Sam’s attempt at an American accent. Sam, is that really what you think we sound like?? Then hearing your attempts at Canadian and Australian accents made me laugh even more. There’s something else you have in common with Scott Berks – all of your accents sound exactly the same. Every accent he attempts ends up sounding Indian. Yours … well I’m not quite sure what yours are. Thanks for trying for me anyway.

I love the show. Keep on doing what you’re doing, even if you are offensiving people. Or entire countries.


PS – Huge congratulations on your 500th find!!!

From Dave Self..

Haskell Free Library and Opera House straddles the US/Canada border in Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec. http://haskellopera.com/history/

“…though your visit will be casually monitored by both U.S. and Canadian authorities who keep count so that the people going in from one country exit to the country from which they entered (and who have caught not a few number of people who try to use the Haskell for nefarious schemes of illegal alien passage or illegal arms smuggling), no passport is required…”

From http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g1989246-d4555225-r170786717-Haskell_Free_Library_Opera_House-Stanstead_Quebec.html

So, seems you can’t travel from one country to the other via the “house”.  Even if someone lived there, they’d need to have a passport.  Within the building, you can, technically cross the border back and forth.

From nationaltrail.co.uk

Hi Mark

Thanks for getting in touch, and for mentioning our geocaching weekend which is the start of 10 weeks of coin releases.

We’re very keen to encourage people to discover the National Trails, and geocaching is a perfect way to get new people on to them. Some of the 15 Trails already have geocache trails, some put in place by the trail teams, others by the public. In time we’d like to have trails on all of the National Trails, the ones without them at the moment are :

Cleveland Way http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/cleveland-way/geocaching

Glyndwr’s Way http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/glyndwrs-way/geocaching

North Downs Way http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/north-downs-way/geocaching

Pennine Bridleway http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/pennine-bridleway/geocaching

South Downs Way http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/south-downs-way/geocaching

South West Coast Path, although as its 630 miles long I suspect there may be some we don’t know about ! http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/south-west-coast-path/geocaching

Pembrokeshire Coast Path – don’t have any geocaching trails. The trail has dangerous parts but the Trail Officer is happy to advice anyone thinking of setting a trail as to places that are suitable – Davemac@pembrokeshirecoast.org.uk

Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path are planning a geocaching trail and are looking for geocaching volunteers to help them – any one interested can contact them directly at nationaltrail@norfolk.gov.uk

If anyone is interested in setting a trail they can either get in touch with the trail manager directly via the contact details on the website, or with me and I’ll pass them on.

If anyone knows of geocaching trails on the National Trails listed above that I haven’t found if they send me a link I’ll add them to the website. Every trail has its own geocaching page, we’re happy to promote any relevant info on that page and through our social media.



Ask Doctor D..

GeoPaulVlogger – Here’s my ask doc d – what type of FTF dance should you do when you find a FTF? Body pop? Tango? The robot??

Nemesis Geocaches..

Seems we have a new one.

Mooonie 1 – Faith No More – A cache by Mooonwitch GC53721.

Three attempts.  We’ve done the rest in the series.  But this one seems to be hiding in a sneaky place.

News & Events..

Surrey Camping Event #2 
by SuperDred | GC4XECH | South East England, United Kingdom – 04/07/2014

Blaise Summertime BBQ 
by evesy101 | GC4Y0K7 | South West England, United Kingdom – 28/06/2014

Summer Garden Party (very July the Fourth) 
by andytalliss | GC4YQR6 | East Midlands, United Kingdom – 05/07/2014

White Mountain Breakfast Club 
by PattiNH | GC568J9 | New Hampshire (USA) – 27/06/2014

Who are the turbobadgers and why are they leaving? 
by BerkeleyBoomers | GC572X4 | California (USA) – 29/06/2014

WLC VI – Zupping on Za 
by ajmaley | GC55Q1Y | Illinois (USA) – 29/06/2014

Gonefishen07 & Hearse068 3rd Mid Year Dinner Event 
by Gonefishen07 | GC53N15 | Victoria, Australia – 05/07/2014

[OFZE] Picknick the 5th edition 
by OFZE | GC559PP | Flevoland, Netherlands – 06/07/2014

24. Trossinger Geo-Hocker 
by FriCa | GC53XE2 | Baden-Württemberg, Germany – 28/06/2014

Alaska Geocaching Cruise Adventure Meet & Greet 
by shizengiggles | GC56G1C | British Columbia, Canada – 27/06/2014

by Gørding | GC54RZZ | Denmark – 28/06/2014

Other News..

Great Facebook group for those looking for caches suitable for children…www.facebook.com/groups/GeocachingwithChildren/

Check out the new CacheFace at www.cacheface.social

Geocaching not far removed from Czech mushroom picking – article on Radio Praha’s website about Stratocaching

Suspicious-looking ‘geocache’ item triggers bomb scare Independent Tribune.com (he waited until AFTER checking the container to check on geocaching.com?).

Travel Bug Race..

Our race The Monkey King in finally underway.  Here’s our little beauty….


Click HERE to find out the mission.


What Geocaching is to me…

Tupperware, satellites, walking, forgotten pens, puzzles, nettles, bug spray, adventure, events, time with the kids, days out, FTF’s, DNF’s, stats, numbers, PAF, stories of the one that got away, creativity

What Geocaching isn’t to me…

Arguing on the internet, politics, sniping at each other.

Collin French 

The more I think about this, the longer the answers get: 1.#Geocaching is exploration, finding new places, finding OLD places. Geocaching is community, like-minded (weird) friends. Geocaching is the thrill of knowing something that others don’t (there’s a cache there!). Geocaching is a great escape from the pressure and rigours of daily life. 2. Geocaching is not a sport. It is not (to me) a commercial enterprise. Others will disagree with that, especially where Groundspeak is concerned. It is not worth risking mental or physical health over.

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