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More Tips for Periscoping and Geocaching

The amazing Geocachers, Memfis Mafia recently published a blog post Tips for Periscoping and Geocaching – the title says  it all. In the post they cover three points people will find useful when using Periscope while out caching. This got the old grey matter working and we came up with a couple more tips to supplement those outlined by Memfis Mafia.


Once you start your Periscope broadcast wait a moment until you have a couple of viewers. This can save you from having to repeat yourself. Plus who likes speaking to themselves?

Beware the trolls

Often the trolls just say dumb stuff, some even get x rated. Keep this in mind if you let kids handle the filming.

You can chose to allow only people you follow to chat.  This may be the preferred option if you have kids around, assuming the people you follow aren’t trolls.

You can also block the trolls during and after broadcasts (the latter if you didn’t catch their comments during the broadcast).

Your viewers can be very helpful

One question you will get asked, during broadcasts, is “what are you doing”. This question is often followed by “what is that?”

This can happen a few times during a single broadcast and can throw you off your train of thought. This is where your regular viewers can be a godsend. Often, without prompting, they will jump in and field these questions for you. If they don’t, then just ask them if they don’t mind answering for you.

Saving your broadcasts

You may want to save the videos of your broadcasts, but don’t have enough storage capacity on your mobile device. DarrylW4, from the GeoGearHeads podcast, pointed us in the direction of They have a handy “how to” video on their website. In simple terms they save your Periscope (and Meerkat) replays to the cloud.

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