The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast is a family friendly show.  We cover news, events and discuss geocaching related topics.  Hosting are  Doctor D and BananaSource.  Our main objective is to have fun.

We don’t aim to be the authority on Geocaching.  We have some experience, but we are also still learning.  The idea of the show is to bring people along for that ride – you may be new and learn with us, or experienced and be able to offer advice (or even learn something new).  We hope there is something for everyone here.

Doctor D…Doctor D in a fez

The inventor of offensiving.  The mouth of the Midlands.  The keeper of useless facts.  Doctor Who addict.  Don’t ask him his find count, he doesn’t log them.  Extremely good at navigating to Geocaches.  His favourite part of Geocaching is attending events and drinking hot chocolate.



BananaSource PhotoBananaSource…

AKA BenignSource, AKA Dinosaur, AKA BinarySource, AKA On The Sauce…there are probably more names, but we stopped counting.  The idiot who gave Doctor D a mic and a platform to voice his opinion.  Anything in the show that isn’t a useless fact, offensive or hot chocolate related is his fault. Also co-host of whatsupinternetpodcast.com